Call for papers: Infodemiology, Infoveillance, Knowledge Translation and Digital Literacy in the Age of COVID-19

Infodemiology (the science of infodemics) has been around for over 15 years, and JMIR Publications is proud to have been spearheading the advancement of this new scientific discipline for the past decade or more. COVID-19 and what has been called an "Infodemic" by WHO (defined as "overabundance of information") has shed light on the importance of this area as well as shifting perceptions on the importance of regulatory and technical measures to tackle the problem. 

We are now proud to announce a new interdisciplinary journal devoted solely to this topic: JMIR Infodemiology (Co-Editors-in-Chief: Tim K. Mackey, MAS, PhD and Cynthia Baur, PhD)

While we expect many papers submitted for the inaugural issue will focus on COVID-19 and the misinformation related to it, we also solicit broader methodological and policy-relevant papers that help to set the scene and define the field further.

Please submit your paper at For best chances of acceptance for the inaugural issue please submit before March 31st, 2021.

Article Processing Fees apply but there is a generous waiver policy. For presubmission inquiries and fee waiver requests please contact